SPIRODUCTOS SAS is a sheet metal industry, founded in 1991. It specialises in the production of metallic, modulate and prefabricated ducts, for the conduction of air, gas, smoke, steam, solid and liquid particles in low pressure systems (1 psi max). They have different applications such as HVAC (heating, ventilation , air conditioning) , extractions, chimneys, jackets for pipeline insulation, pneumatic transport, down-spouting, sleeves for prestressed concrete, concrete column forms, drums , containers, irrigation, drainage and other uses.

We don`t participate in design and installation of these systems nevertheless we can refer our clients to the right experts contractors.

We rely on a committed staff and the best technology available.We offer the national and international market the capacity to process 1.200.000 kilos (250,000 m2) of metallic sheets per year.


Our main suppliers of raw materials have certified qualifications ISO 9002 and we are certificates with ISO 9001:08. We work as a team with respect, commitment, responsibility and honesty striving to excel in quality, delivery on time, technical knowledge and low prices orientated towards our clients’ satisfaction.