Oval metallic modular prefabricated duct with longitudinal seam.

It has an ideal shape. Because of its circular section maximum area is obtained with the minimum possible perimeter, allowing important economies in the installation.
Manufacture complies with international technical standards. SMACNA.

It is industrially manufactured from a continuous 4 ” wide roll (1.220mm). The amount of metal sheet needed is cut without waste and is rolled to the desired diameter. The longitudinal seam is a mechanical 4-ply lock (RL-5 SMACNA), without welding or rivets avoiding material distortion or deterioration. Depending on the diameter, gage and application welding can be used, for the longitudinal seam (RL-4 SMACNA) as well as for the transversal joint.


  • All the production process is done in the factory and it arrives ready to install.
  • Short and precise delivery times
  • Easy and quick installation. No specialized labor or tools are required.
  • Re-usable in case of moving or system expansion.
  • Waste disappears as exact amounts can be ordered.
  • Lower operation costs, thanks to lower friction losses, heat gains and leaks.
  • Cleaning interiors is more effective when needed.
  • Important saving in the cost of thermal insulation when required (average 21%)
  • Good performance per installed kilo or square meter
  • Easy and total inventory control
  • Simple method of quantifying the cost of the required amounts.
  • Factory guarantee.